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In Fatty Rabbit Hole, you're a rabbit falling down a hole, eating as much junk food as possible. Chowing down on disgusting healthy food, like vegetables, turns your stomach - and if you puke, you'll lose progress toward completing the round - so try not to blow chunks!


  • 2 game modes - Endless mode, where rounds are chosen at random and the game lasts until you wipe out, and Limited mode, a pre-determined order in which to play each round.
  • 12 unique rounds - Randomly selected at the start of each level in Endless mode, or played in a set order in Limited mode, these 12 rounds make each game of Fatty Rabbit Hole feel fresh and offer a unique challenge every time you play.
  • 3 boss rounds - As you venture further and further down the rabbit hole, you'll encounter a few boss rounds which present special trials with multiple levels of complexity.
  • 4 bonus rounds - Played mid-level, each bonus round offers the chance to pick up massive amounts of bonus points.
  • 12 seasonal games - Every month, a special seasonal game is available to play. Each comes with unique challenges, and only Fatty Rabbit Hole experts will survive the longest!
  • Full controller and touch support - Play how you like with full support for Xbox controllers (or similar) and touch screens.
  • Fully hand drawn art - Every image in Fatty Rabbit Hole was hand-drawn and digitally painted to ensure a high quality, fun cartoon look.
  • Legendary cartoon sound -  A classical score and sound effects lifted from traditional cartoons makes the game feel like a cartoon come to life.
  • Your platform, your language - Fatty Rabbit Hole is available on PC for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu, and includes language options for English, Spanish, German, and French.
  • Inspired by comedy genius - Fatty Rabbit Hole was inspired by the comedic work of Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly, who produce the podcast Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social. Fatty Rabbit Hole should be fun regardless if you listen or not, but if you're a Scoop, you'll find plenty of familiar characters and references to past episodes.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Fatty Rabbit Hole - Windows (1.8.240) 27 MB
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Fatty Rabbit Hole - Ubuntu (1.8.240) 27 MB

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Fatty Rabbit Hole - Windows Demo 27 MB
Fatty Rabbit Hole - macOS Demo 29 MB
Fatty Rabbit Hole - Ubuntu Demo 27 MB

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