The Update Obligation is Real

Last month, when I officially released Fatty Rabbit Hole, I felt relieved - the project was finally in a finished state, and it was time to let people play it. I felt confident that my work was, for the most part, complete, and I was proud of what I'd put together.

A few weeks have passed now, and I still feel good about what I created. But with version 1.7.6 just released, I'm about 3-4 updates in, and even though I'm approaching the point where I'll only concentrate on the occasional bug-fix, the need - or the want - to constantly iterate on the game and make it better for the people who have been enjoying it is strong. And it makes me wonder when I should stop.

I didn't intend to create a game that I would be constantly changing/updating with Fatty Rabbit Hole. In fact, as I've mentioned elsewhere, the original intention was to just make a junky little HTML5 game and call it a day. But now that the game is out I find myself reading people's feedback, which has thankfully been mostly positive, agreeing with the things they want to see improved - and then spending long days/nights working on not only those suggestions, but bigger things that, at launch, didn't seem all the important.

With that comes the inevitable fear that with all this tinkering, I might just break something and put out a release that's broken - potentially causing myself a stressful hour or two while I work to fix things. So far, that hasn't happened yet, but it looms over me, and motivates me to test things as much as I can.

I think that the plan, currently, is to start stowing the bigger ideas into my notebook just in case I ever decide to develop a sequel to this game. For now, I'll continue working on the game, but in increasingly smaller bits - with the exception of the work I'll be doing to port it to Android, iOS, and Mac.

I realize this is a bit of a strange first entry into my devlog, but you gotta start somewhere. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the game!


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