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HT3DR is a modern remake of Hover Tank 3D, a game I created with GameMaker 6.1 in 2006. This a single-level demo/prototype of what I envision for an entirely new game, more fully realized by modern technology and my own personal advances in skill and knowledge since then.


  • Action-packed gameplay. Master the tank controls to zip around the battlefield and avoid being overwhelmed by enemy forces.
  • Graphics inspired by retro 3D games. Heavily influenced by games such as Starfox, Cyber Sled, S.T.U.N. Runner, and Virtua Racing. Modeled and baked in Blender.
  • Music by Timothy Lamb/Trash80, whose retro beats fit the aesthetic perfectly.
  • Sound effects built from professional libraries. In just one level, HT3DR contains more - and better - sound effects than the entire original game.
  • Better storytelling through an enhanced radio system, animated character portraits, and light voicework. Under the hood, a custom scripting system and game director guide you through the twists and turns of each level.
  • Physics-based collisions. A huge improvement over the original game, you can feel the heft of the tank as it glides around, and the weight of crates when you tether them.


W & SForward/reverse thrusters
A & DRotate
Mouse 1Weapon (blaster)
Mouse 2Utility (tether)
PPause game
F1Show controls
F4Toggle fullscreen
ESCExit game


  • The blaster's projectiles take time to travel to their targets. Try to lead your shots when enemies are far away.
  • The radar shows the positions of enemies (red), explosive crates (yellow), and goals (green). If you're not sure where to go, check there!
  • You only get a set number of lives to pass the level, but there are two health packs hidden around, if you need help.
  • If the mouse sensitivity is too high by default, you can adjust it by editing [game folder]/config/config.ini. There are other options for video and sound there as well.
  • This is a demo/prototype, so there might be some bugs!

What's Next?

I started this project to see how I could improve the original Hover Tank 3D, and to challenge myself to do better with GameMaker's native 3D and shader support. I'm happy with the results, and I will probably continue to tinker with it. There's always some little thing I want to add and play around with!

I have ideas for a full HT3DR game, but the time it would take to complete such a project, even with this solid foundation in place, is daunting. For now, this demo is the legacy of Hover Tank 3D.

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AuthorMartin Crownover
Made withAdobe Photoshop, GameMaker: Studio, Blender
Tags3D, cyber-sled, hover, ht3d, Low-poly, Retro, starfox, tank, Third Person
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

    1. Extract all files in the Zip to a new folder
    2. Launch the game by running HT3DR.exe


    HT3DR Demo - 9-29-2022.zip 81 MB

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